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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

September has come and gone. The whirlwind of tasks and lists and ‘to do’s’ continues to push us to and fro. I am pretty sure we are getting somewhere. Really. I will tell myself that and see it 5 years from now.

We had/have apples in abundance! I feel likw we have about 140 trees. I think we actually only have about 40 maybe 50. All sorts of fruit bearing trees and bushes and plants. We have plums, cherries, pears, quinces and berries of all sorts. Everything about it is amazing. They taste amazing, they smell amazing , they look amazing and they demand an amazing amount of time and energy to enjoy them! Beautiful things take tender love and care, right? September 2015-100September 2015-102The weather is changing back to cozy cool cold. We make the best of it. I am starting to find the happy things about cold weather. For one, you can drink yummy warm drinks, like tea, in large quantities. The cold is also awesome for work. It is so much easier to get jobs done when the sunshine and warm wind isn’t calling your soul to enjoy it. I can work better when those things are quiet.


We planned to have a BBQ together. Rain or shine. You’ve got to make due when you live in a place that rains.September 2015-108September 2015-113AND! we have 3 new members of the family. Their names are Wooshy, Felix and Maximo. They are fluffy and cute.September 2015-127September 2015-130September 2015-131September 2015-134September 2015-136September 2015-139September 2015-154September 2015-156I was also in California with my family. My precious grandfather passed away. He was the first person fairly close to me that has died. The fact that I am 31 and this is the closest family member that I have had to say goodbye to is something to be thankful for. It was an amazing time. Spontaneous and so refreshingly fabulous. I see my family with different eyes now that I am an adult. My heart overflows with appreciation and love for them.


My Grandpa had a lot of vistors at his memorial. He was a pretty cool guy. I learned more about him there that, as a little child, you don’t really register. He was a fun guy!Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-8Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-26Then we had a sea burial. It was very touching, not to mention fun. We had a great time together as a family and friends on that boat, remembering a special person. I loved it. Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-40Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-71James Bond decided to drive by. not really All of us stared with gaping eyes on that gnarliness.

Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-92Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-94Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-97This is the my precious grandmother. Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-102My amazing Dad.Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-107Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-108It was very strange to say goodbye to my grandfather like this. To see his ashes, the cells of his body, burned to ash and sitting in a basket with roses. Then to see it picked up and placed in the ocean. It moved me.Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-111Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-124Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-127Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-131It was hard to take pictures of the family as we were in the boat… because it was windy, sunny and beautiful. The sun and wind worked with me on this shot of my sweet cousin. Isn’t she so adorable?Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-150And my sister. Do you think we look alike?! We do. We have the same laugh too.Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-42We couldn’t get a picture together although we really tried. This was my favorite. Just because its silly. The sun hurt our eyes so badly and the wind was tossing our hair all over the place.Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-143Grandpa Jim Memorial and Funeral-179Family game of Eye Spy on the floor (which is almost as soft as a bed). Does your 80 year old grandmother wear pearls and lay on the floor like that? She is a special lady.untitled-100Burgers and fries and shakes. It’s all American eat. Not!untitled-110I got time to spoil myself and go to the Getty Museum.untitled-113and the restaurant. Oh my. That was a treat. Not just the food, but the time and the company.untitled-117untitled-121untitled-122untitled-123untitled-124untitled-125Yes, we’re babes.untitled-127This is California, friends. Palm trees.untitled-130Photoshoots. ?untitled-132Beach pollution. (super sad)untitled-135simple beauty.untitled-111

Tumbling. like. a. tumble. weed.

Help!  I feel like a tumble weed on the desert roads that I used to drive on in my life before Germany.

Oh my, I’m getting a fabulously tested in my managment skills. This is the part of life where all your kids are all over the city and you have to take them there and get them from there and take them somewhere else. What a wierd life! First you’re home, getting through the baby-toddler years- being rocked cause thats mega hard, then you get rid of your kids send you kids to school and wham! a whole new level of Super Mom Challenge begins. My little muffin, the Hu, started school. My little muffin, CurlyQ, started Kindergarden. My little muffin, Preciousbabe, stayed in her preschool. So, I’m now a taxi.

There are people who deliberatly arrange their lives so that they can get around this awefullness. I’m rethinking my choices to see if I can get what I want with as little sweat and tears as possible. Perhaps I need to rearrange my perspective cause really… you can do all things…when you have the right perspective!

Like I said… The Hu started school. There was a party. A german Zückertüte party. This is what it looked like:

First we took the tram to the school.August 2015-160August 2015-162August 2015-164Then, we went to the school and had a cute little ceremony. It is almost like a wedding! Almost.August 2015-182She usually does this when I hold a camera in front of her. I’m terrible.August 2015-172August 2015-214August 2015-178August 2015-190August 2015-188Then we went to home and tired to habe a little BBQ lunch in the garden until … it rained. Cats and Dogs.August 2015-222No one was in the mood for a picture… as usual…

Inside the “Zückertüte” are all sorts os fun school supplies and surprises (candy!!!)August 2015-234August 2015-235Then we had the first day of school. BIG DEAL. for all those really excited moms and kids. It was amazing to observe the energy and excitement at starting this new learning season. I liked it.August 2015-120August 2015-119August 2015-121This is CurlyQ in her classroom. She is a happy mouse.August 2015-124So, that was the end of summer. Here is a little recap of some of the last summer activities that we did. We went in our backyard community pool.August 2015-110-2August 2015-116-2August 2015-113-2Snuggled in the sunshine.August 2015-118-2Ate bagelchips.August 2015-157August 2015-152August 2015-147August 2015-143Babysitted some guinea pigs for a friend.August 2015-130-2August 2015-128-2August 2015-123-2AND!!!! This is what I did once the kids were all tucked away learning… I’m learning about horses! We had some lovely girls come to visit us from England. Here they are: The beautiful and talented “Horsie Girls.” They have spent pretty much their whole lives deeply invovled with horses and horse language and horse training. They are the future! And wow, the things they showed me were so refreshing and empowering.horsie girls-3I learned how to swing a rope!!! yup. actually the taught me how to rethink my approach. They taught me the beginnings of how to establish a leadership role of trust and friendship with the horse. It’s brillant!

August 2015-124-4August 2015-131-4August 2015-120-4August 2015-118-4They are both so! Lovely! And the one on the left is an animal magnet. Even the grasshoppers become her friend.August 2015-117-3August 2015-116-3August 2015-111-3August 2015-108-3August 2015-102-4August 2015-101-4horsie girls-4We are training the horses to be good with kids. Our goal is to use these fluffy adorable creatures to bless kids who normally wouldn’t be able to afford horse backriding lessons. My friend works with an organization that supports families and children. They are awesome enough to buy 2 ponies and allow us to work with them to serve other people. How cool is that? I’ll be sharing more about our journey learning with these horses. They are precious. Like little children!

Until next time!

She got big. Where was I?

This is the phenomenon that all people gulp over; How do kids grow up so fast? I mean look at this:

Netanya July 2015-58First word that comes to my brain is: gentle swan. or graceful dove. or sweeter then sweet-ness!

This girls, who I lovingly dub on this blog as the Hu, is starting school. Frist grade. Big deal in this neck of the woods. We are having a party for her next week. We’re having a party because she is starting school. That is what people do here. They feed their kid sugar and invite a lot of people to also eat lots of sugar with them. It is called a SUGAR BAG PARTY! You think I’m kinding? well, almost. It is actually called a Zückertütenfest. Google it.

I took some pictures of her for the occasion. I gave her strickt instructions. “Hu, you are not allowed to fight me on this. You are allowed to work with me and let me take a thousand pictures of you.”

this is what she gave me at first. pretty, but only because she is pretty. otherwise, uh, fake!

Netanya July 2015-13netanya post-16netanya post-21Then I chose another pose direction and started telling her stories about things like boogers and other gross things that children absolutely adore. The things that I actually forbid! my children to talk about. (good heavens!) but these are the results!Netanya July 2015-36Netanya July 2015-33Netanya July 2015-32Netanya July 2015-31Netanya July 2015-30Netanya July 2015-20Between the jokes she was very sweet and started to be more herself. These are some of my favorites.

netanya post-78netanya post-75netanya post-70netanya post-80THIS FACE. makes my heart melt.netanya post-93THe Hu once was looking at a magazine of mine. It was full of moody models. She was so confused, “Mom, why do all these girls look so angry?” “Uh, cause it’s apparently cool.” This is her so called Model Face. Blue Steel through the eyes of a 6 year old.netanya post-99and this is My Delight Face.netanya post-115So, that photo session took a whole 10 minutes! After that we ate raseberries from the garden. (Thank you Jesus!)Netanya July 2015-4Back then our garden was green, now it is more of a yellowish color due to the freakish heat. I never knew Germany could get hot! Well, at least not for this long. The plants aren’t so sure they know what to do about it. We are enjoying lots of swimming and skimpy clothes. I love it but, it is a little wierd.

August 7, 2015 - 10:52 pm

Danie - Stop making me so freaking happy!!! This child, your story, your love. I can’t handle it.

September 4, 2015 - 11:24 am

Teri Marceau - I love your blog. Although I like the photos on instagram, I LOVE the stories that go with the photos.
I remember some girls and boys in JR High who talked about their body functions quite often. It is a cyclical thing, 6-7; 12-13 & and again in late teens year olds. It is the funniest subject for some reason. LOL.
Congratulations to Hu for such an accomplishment although it really can’t be helped since that is the way God designed it.


Our upstairs project is coming along. It is so beautiful and promising!

Here are some pics of the process that have happened over the last months. New floor!

What to do with it? Throw it out the window, of course!This is the incredible Hulk…. Oh wait… no, it’s not! It’s our very kind neighbor!now it looks like this! Bling*Bling*now all we have to do is buy all the kitchen appliances and cabinets, build a wall around the blackhole stairs, oil the beams, fill the holes and cracks and and and then we will be jumping for joy at a defeated project!!!! yipppeee skippee!


meanwhile… we are enjoying life and childhood in all its beauty.

July 27, 2015 - 2:51 pm

Danie - Wow! Bling bling is right!! It is SO BRIGHT now.

I love the coloring outside in your Little Mermaid swimsuit. That’s a little too cute.

August 8, 2015 - 4:40 am

Kathy Peterson - I love your blog!!! Thanks for sharing your life, your adorable children, and your amazing photography!

Suuuummerrtime and the livin’s eaaazzzyyy.

I couldn’t agree more.*

where we are right now; It’s Summer! And summer means, life gets a little less complicated when it comes to kids and clothes! Plus, most of the population tends to relax in warmer tempertures. You can observe this when you travel.

We have been traveling more than usual this year. I had the priviledge of going home – OC, California – for a few weeks. It was wonderful and it was terrible too. Bittersweet! I hadn’t been home since 3 years before this trip, which made my trip particularly difficult. You can’t catch up with all those beautiful relationships in 3 weeks. It is painful for me. I love the people who I used to live around. I don’t like that I am seperated from them. But… I hate when people say this; that’s life! (yuck) I am so grateful for my life now, but I miss the people who raised me and formed me and helped me be who I am today. Like this one (one of my favorites)or this one (also my favorite)or this one (they’re all my favorites!)oh, my how I love these people.Then we came home and came back to the craziness of living. It came like a whack in the face. We escaped on another vacay. This one together. This one with less going and more resting. Here is a slide show for your enjoyment. We ate a lot of ice cream and fisch brötchen. Ah, take me back to the fisch brötchen!

I’ll be back sooner next time. We made a lot of progress on our attic renovation. SUPER DUPER!!!! I’ll show you some pictures in the blogpost to come. Happy weekend!


*(I was gone a while. I was frustrated (with photography). I got past that and I miss my blog. I’ll be keeping this up more often…cause like I said, I miss it!)

July 18, 2015 - 5:07 pm

Danie - I love your adventures and miss your faces. Please come back soon.

July 28, 2015 - 6:19 am

Kathy Peterson - I love your blog & seeing the beautiful photos. You are a very gifted & talented artist. AND … You have gorgeous children.