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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

Wet kids, Hofkids and a dog

Over the weekend we wanted to see how long it took to ride our bikes to the Elbe. So we packed everyone up and took a little ride. It was a warm day but it had just started raining once we stepped into the bakery to get a ice cream treat. Once we were finished eating, it stopped raining. God timed it for us. Then we went outside and… jumped on rocks.

Precious Babe lost her shoe.Called for help.and got it.The problem with jumping on rocks is that there is usually one or two or three who loss their balance and slip into the water.Or they just deliberately walk into the water.She gave her Papa a stone and watched how far he threw it.Her feet were already soaking by this point.Her’s too.And then she finally made it! Everyone ofthem managed to get nice and wet.Sam and I got over that one pretty quick and decided to go home with three wet little piggies.Back at home later that week the Hofkids (this is a new name folks! It is a word to describe the group that is created when 3 families live closely together on a “Hof” which is translated “Courtyard”. In other words, this is what I will be calling the kids on our courtyard. Hofkids.) were all happily giving birth to stuffed animals.This one was the cutest of all. His blue eyes melt my heart.And this is another member of the Hof family. Her name is Tricksy. And that she is. She is tricksy but mega cute.Her favorite things to do in life is 1. Play 2. Eat 3. Hang out with her owners 4. Ignore eager children, or better said, ignore anyone who wants something from her.This is the life! Happy Weekend.

Take some time out and go to the Zoo

Being that we are in the midst of lots of building and doing, my kids seem to feel very much in the way. I usually have an agenda and they usually totally mess it up. Either that or they just plain bug. Their needs bug cause I can’t finish the goals I have planned.

At least that is the perspective I have. and you know what? It isn’t working out for me so well.

Frustration has been developing and needed some defusing.

It was time for a trip to the zoo!

So, I finally dropped my agendas and packed up and took the girls alone on an outing.

We had fun, as we always do.Can you find the bird? If there weren’t a rail I would have stepped on him.I like my kids. I really do. I just need to be reminded of that every now and then. Cause wow. They are precious!So, friends, today your job is to look your kids in the eyes and remember that they are a gift.

CurlyQ turned 4

This little mouse turned 4!

We had a party planned, and then….2 days before I felt the beginnings of a fever coming on. Then on the day before her birthday, the day of her birthday and the day after her birthday Samuel and I both were hit with the sledge hammer. Try and put on a birthday with a 100 fever. It was hard. She had fun! and I enjoyed thinking that she is getting older and cuter and lovelier everyday. But actually, all I wanted to do was crawl in a totally silent room with a puffy bed.

The hard part was 1. The puffy bed was there. 2.The silence…well, not so much. 3. this little girl has been talking about her birthday since Christmas!

I couldn’t let her hanging. I couldn’t postpone it. I couldn’t cancel.

So, I half canceled. We had more guests planned, but I told everyone who doesn’t live at Altreick not to come. So everyone who lives at Altreick was just a perfect amount for a lovely day for a wonderful girl. They also saved my butt and did a lot of work for me. Without them, it wouldn’t have been so nice.

CurlyQ didn’t seem to notice my struggle and was delighted that it was her day. She liked to trumpet her arrival or departure throughout the day. “The Birthday Girl is going outside now.” or “The Birthday Girl is going to go inside now.” “The Birthday Girl is here!”

We did facepainting. I need to work with these kids on taking group shots.The next day, we all took a 4 hour nap. !!!!! That was God’s grace. After our 4 hour nap we watched a movie together, then we ate dinner, while we watched the world cup together, then we went back to bed! It was a wonderful day after party.  The girls liked watching soccer with their Papa. CurlyQ announced that she would like to be a soccer player when she is a woman. I think that means, when she is grown up.So, my 4 year old has some aspirations! and she is now 4. and I love her.

July 1, 2014 - 11:33 pm

Danie - Happy Birthday sweet four yr old!!! We are sending love to you from California.

oh me, oh my

So, lets see… since I last posted some time has passed. Bummer how that happens so quickly! You think you have it down and a month and half goes by. Well, right now in my life I feel like I am 40 steps behind on just about everything so, I guess I’ll just have to live through this and pick up where I left off. Which is: we moved.

I hate moving. But it was worth it. This place is a little paradise.

We have tons of kids, tons of cherries and tons of awesomeness and love for what we are doing. not to mention tons of work!

This was a uh, motel? and all the rooms are being transformed into livable spaces. Inotherwords, walls are getting ripped out, bathrooms are getting ripped out, kitchens being built in, etc etc etc. The potential is enormous but to get there we are having to sweat a little.

But I love it.

Here are some pictures:

(Don’t worry, the children were getting paid by the hour.)

just kidding. They had fun riding up and down the lift. and they really liked being “helpful.”This is our new place. Us and 4 other families!We had to store all our stuff in the barn for the meantime.This is one small part of the very spacious garden. (I can’t call it a ‘yard’ cause, well, it just doesn’t fit. So, I am going to call it a ‘garden.’)Onto our apartment.

This will be the girl’s room. I am working on the floor now and it is turning out really cool. I am painted it and am in the process of stenciling it.This will be our sleeping room.Right now this is our living/eating room until our kitchen/living room gets built.This my friends…will be our kitchen. Chah. sweat, is what I said. Right now it is the attic. It will be amazing.This will be another room (connected to the kitchen) and we are planning to dedicate it to…


It will be a place where I can make things. Glorious!The weather had a freakish warmth that turned into heat. Yet again, glorious! So we had to bust out the sunscreen. This happens 3 weeks out of the year.The kids are happy. and cute. and all over the place.All of the rooms have showers. (ALL OF THE ROOMS) and none of them bathtubs. So, we took a showerbath for the kiddos.World Cup: Outside.I love these people.This is our living room at the moment. It has furniture in it now and everyday I look outside and bam! GREEN.

Soothes me despite the trantrums.

The view from my window.Like I said, we have a lot of cherries. When I say a lot, I mean, we could pick 3 buckets full a day and be picking for weeks. The tree is blessed in God’s abundance.So we picked cherries, go take dip, pick some more cherries….like I said, it is a little paradise!And when we are not playing this is what is going down. ARBEIT! This is what it looks like to tear out an old motel and turn it into a livable home.And in the meantime, the kids are together, all the time. playing, being adorable and sometimes bugging eachother. Being together all the time is a whole new ballgame for all of us and we are learning how to find the balance and pull away when we need to. But actually, the new challenges that come along with all these projects outweigh the old challenges.If you want some cherries, come on over!

June 22, 2014 - 6:34 pm

Mathias Lange - We enjoy to see all the pictures of the ‘paradise’ and all the lovely people! :)

July 1, 2014 - 10:44 pm

Elly Kadner - It looks amazing Jocelyn!! So I saw the W.s, H.s, you – and who else moved in? What a great project to be doing together!! Be blessed and please give our love to everyone :-). Elly