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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

Just the everyday

We went to the zoo with Preciousbabe and company for a little birthday celebration. I had to break down and go to the doctor and let him perscribe me some antibiotics. It snowed outside. We have been playing a lot at home. And… That was prety much my week. Not sure what to photograph these days. I am trying to figure out how to make really boring things look interesting. I am not quite that good. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out…or maybe not. Maybe I will just remain content taking ‘cute’ pictures. Although, I like my ‘cute’ pictures.

And then, the highlight of my week. A girly package from my mom. Long distance travel and customs and all that made this a little late but! it added some entertainment to our house.It was full of individually wrapped goodies. Nail polish, fake girlie nails, makeup (for me, folks- not the kiddos), and just Fun.The Hu was so excited about the new nails that she immediately had to put them on when she woke up the next morning. She asked about 15 thousand times by the time she finished her breakfast and needed immediate attention. It was dire. So, her wonderful Papa had compassion and took on the job. Oh yes, Yes he did. It was glorious to watch. My dear husband grew up with 3 other boys. He had no such things as fake nails in his upbringing. This was a whole new ballpark for him. He liked it. He did. Then the Girl needed pretty hair and a pretty dress to go with it. The Hu’s Diva Needs could not be hidden behind her normally ‘sporty’ demeanor, she broke out all over into Girlfantastic!Then Curly Q also needed some special lovin.After they were all dressed and primped they went back to their horsey game they play pretty much the whole day without tiring.

They amaze me.(don’t worry, you worrywart mommas outthere. no one is getting strangeled in this game. it may quirk those momma hearts of yours but, everything is under control)

Have a lovely weekend!

January 24, 2014 - 10:14 pm

Mom - What a wonderful surprise!!! I just got the courage to look at my precious family here without missing them and YAY! What a blessing! I have never seen more beautiful children and that includes mine! And Olivia looks exactly like my mother, Olivia, her great grandmother. And whats with these perfect noses and gorgeous eyes! Must be a Wintermann, Parkinson, Gordon mix. I love you all sooooo much! These pictures are so cute. I love the cute. Thanks Sammy for being such a good sport! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoMom

Preciousbabe turned two!

Today is Preciousbabe’s birthday! Her sisters were very excited to wake her up with the birthday song and immediately let her know that there was a present waiting for her at the breakfast table. They even helped her out of bed to quicken the process. They love her. They also love presents. Who doesn’t?

This is my goofball. (Not on her birthday, but I love this picture. She was playing in her bed before she went to sleep and called out to me. I came in to find her looking pretty cool.)This was this morning.She got a book about Ponies. She loved it. Had to read the whole thing before she opened her next gift.Which was a dolly. She wasn’t into it. Can you see the face? It means…’I am not quite sure about that.’This is my 2 year old.


She loves her sisters.She likes to do things she shouldn’t. Like climbing up and standing on the table. (she is harmless like that.)She likes to play ‘horsey.’She is extra snoofy and squishy. (and sweet and wonderful!)But she has turned two, which has brought a new shade to my life as a momma. This lil thing is one feisty girl. Her newest thing is so scream in my face and spit afterwards. Nice, huh? She usually gets a little time to herself in her crib when she pulls that number. Yippee for a two year old!

This is a little look at her past birthdays. All two of them!

I know many of you have seen these pictures of Esther’s very very first birthday a million times (or maybe not) but I love them so much. I could look at them everyday!So, let’s celebrate Life. Thank you God for giving us life and for giving me such a precious little babe. Happy Birthday, Esther!

Winter Hibernation

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukka, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

I have not been around here online because I have been hibernating. I wish! Well, there are times (which begin usually around November and goes till about April…) when I feel a deep need to pull away from it all and Recollect. Resort. Rethink. A little Life Inventory. So, that is what I have been doing and in order to do that, I dropped all else. The inward voice- that soft quiet one that is real hard to hear when you are spending all your free time gorging yourself with the lives of others through social media etc. has been speaking, calling me away. To the deeper places. So, in I go and look at all that mess of thoughts, hopes, plans, disappointments, newmade goals etc. and find a wonderful friend who I had long since neglected in many ways. His name is lovely.

I have not been using my camera very much due to my funk of emotional thought, but I still picked it up here and there. Here are a few of the last month.

I pray that this next year you would be exceptionally aware of the every present love of Jesus. Happy New Year!

January 24, 2014 - 10:24 pm

Mom - Jocelyn, never give up on your amazing talent. You are such a gifted beautiful heart. You also are such a special blessing to others, especially me. Don’t hibernate too long! Keep taking pictures.

Warm weather in these parts

We have been having very warm weather here. It has been around 18-21°cel/ 65-70° fer. Last year around this time we had a foot of snow. When it is so wierdly warm I start getting worried about things like polar bears and penguines.

Although it is strange to be walking around in October in nothing more than jeans and a sweater, it is a little bit nice to have sunshine and golden leaves.

At this point I gave Sam my camera and let him have some fun. I notice that very few mothers have pics of themselves with their kids. I am practicing giving up the artistic freereign over to my husband. I looked at the pictures and I realized that he must love me…


“Wow! She is really heavy!” I was saying. I think this face says it all.So, had enough of pictures of me? Here is one of someone very lovely.

December 24, 2013 - 10:30 pm

Danie - You are so lovely Jocelyn.

Drama in the Sächsische Schweiz!

We had another 12 day work stretch. (That is what happens when Sam works through a weekend and doesn’t stop till the next weekend) Those are the killers. I am now aquiring wisdom and am going to have to do something smart to relieve the work load during those long work spurts. At the end of the 12 day stretch, Sam and I were over and out. We needed refreshment and I needed to get out of the house! So, we spontaneously decided to go to the Elbsandgebirge also known as the Sächsische Schweiz or, in English, Saxony’s Switzerland. (one of my favorite places to go)

We went a very easy route that the kids could do and being that we were both fizzeled and fried we didn’t make too much effort to keep our kids close. Which was dumb. We have one kid who is very self reliant and actually quite skilled when it somes to her own body cordination; that would be the Hu. Our other kid, CurlyQ, feels safest when we are in sight, which makes our lives a little less difficult. Our other kid, Preciousbabe, is too little and gets strapped to my back whether she likes it or not. (It is tough being little.)

So here we go: the begining of the Teufelschlücht.“Hey girls, can you turn around and stop for a picture!!” The Hu runs as fast as she can in the other direction and CurlyQ turns and gives me a good teethy Americana.It led into a really fun cave and steps and another cave and steps and steps and more steps and slimmy mud and oh it was perfect.This is me showing off my nice A§$. Not really, but looks like it doesn’t it. HA!She was allowed out of her pouch for a short time. Then we came to some dangerous stairs and she, very much against her will, was stuffed back into the carrier. Poor thing.So, this is where it got hairy. I was thinking to myself, hum, I should tell Hu not to go too far cause this looks kinda tricky. But she was off before I could blink my eye (she was having a wonderful time) and then… I heard an earth shattering panic scream.

!!!!At that point I yelled at Samuel to run, which he was already doing and I starting calling out to Jesus and his angels. All I could think was blood, broken bones or a child hanging from a cliff.

Until I came to the scene where IT happened. Some people had heard her scream and also came running. So there was a little crowd around her.

It turned out that she was RUNNING down the stairs and had slipped and fallen into that little pond that you see to the left of Samuel. She told us later that she rolled down the side, “like a marble” and landed on her back in the water…on the side. I think she then was so shocked that she didn’t know how to get back up and walked through the ice cold pond and then climbed up the bank onto the path, which is when Sam found her.You have to tilt your head a little. She fell at the railing there.There she is explaining, through tears, to her Papa what had happenedPoor, poor little girl.Of course, I was singing Hallelujah! First of all, there was no blood, no guts, no hanging, no broken bones! Second of all, I think she (and we as parents….) learned a very valuable lesson.

Sam said quietly later, “So, Joce, I decided I am going to lead the way next time.” “oh,” I also said quietly, “I think that is a very smart idea.”

We then had to guide a shivering shaking little lump of humility back to our parked stroller, peel off some layers of her sisters, peel off the wet clothes from the Hu, and then redistribute extra clothes we had to cover our poor wet little baby.Then we took a break.Of course our day wasn’t spoiled and now that Hu couldn’t run around and had to stay in the stroller, I suddenly became a very relaxed and easygoing person. Here we are in Wehlen. (like I said, I was tired)I like this. Psalm 26:8

Lord, I love the house where you live,
    the place where your glory dwells.We decided to sit in the grass and eat the last of our sandwiches and chocolate and Preciousbabe was free to roam as she pleased.This is a reflection of her German side:and her American side:Yes, we like to smile and, Praise God, we have a reason to smile too. If you ever want to go for a walk in the Sächs. Schweiz, give us a ring.