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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

Just the happenings

BUSTED!! Preciousbabe cutting her “Kitty,” (which is actually a tiger.) Naugh-T.  “Where did you cut your kitty?” “Here, Momma.”I went to wake up CurlyQ from her nap and I walked into the room wondering where she was. I eventually took one step deeper into the room and saw evidence of a little girls snuggle in a nest. Isn’t she amazing?This girl.In the midst of moving I decided to start a very detailed and extensive sewing project. I know. It’s the smartest and most genius thing I could have done.

We only have about 50 more boxes to pack.

The Hu also wanted to do something creative. She loves watching me sew. She actually just loves to be around. I love it, too.

She created a German flag and a horse.I am creating a heavenly princess dress for a friend of mine. She is little girls who squeals when she sees pink. She is awesome and fabulous, so her dress will also be awesome and fabulous.First movie with the bigger girls. It was really cute. We watched a German movie called “Findus und Peterson.” It is actually based off of a Swedish childrens book series. Very sweet.Our new paradise. This is where we will be moving. After living 7 years in TEENY apartments and no green…this is a dream. It will be an open heavens here. I guarantee that you will want to be here with us. The is plently of room for visitors. You are invited.The cutest landlords I know.  (and the dorkiest renters I know)Coriander on my freshly washed whites. (and some blacks) the evidence of a TWO YEAR OLD!!!!Oh! It’s Easter. Happy Easter!

May 2, 2014 - 10:31 am

Jervynna Teh - You have the cutest photos!!!!!

The end.

Okay, this is the end of the Mallorca series. Oh such a lovely place. We have been experiencing a very nice spring here. So next time you drop by be prepared for blooming flowers. Happy Monday! (these are not in order.)

Note to self: When taking pics on the beach…bring a lense cloth. ignore the dirt. I could do something about it (postprocess), but i am not going to. Not bad, huh?sweet.2 minutes later: sour.

Let us continue…

…from where we left off. I am just breaking our time in Spain into chunks because there is very little happening in my life otherwise and the thought of being somewhere sunny is also so nice to think about. So, you are going to get a lot of vacation shots in the next few posts. Sorry!

My family is very generous. They do big presents for big birthdays. I am now living in Germany where ‘big’ isn’t really so..well, it is not something you should expect. A lot of my American consumeristic tendencies are being won over by ‘practicality.’ Which is, okay. So, with that said, for my 30th birthday I decided not to ask for the really nice lense that i am drooling over  would like to have and go for the more reasonable desires: A Camper Cooker! My dear grandmother laughed when I asked for a camper cooker for my 30th birthday! but it is amazing…It is a 3 liter cooker that is actually designed for extreme outdoorists. I am so extreme that I take it on vacation and pack it in MY CAR and drive with it to carry it 300 meters in my super cool backpack so that I can have a nice picnic. I like my style. Or I could interrupt the day and come home for lunchor I could pack sandwiches which no one eats because they are so sick of bread and cheese or I could spend 50-70€ everyday in a restaurant. OR I could get a cooker and pack a meal that tastes good, is healthy, filling and… best of all… cheap! Plus, it is really fun to cook outside with a super techy outdoor cooker. So, in referance with my last post, we had to go to the city to find an outdoor store to buy the gas. You can’t fly with a bottle of propane.

So, we packed our backpack with all our jackets and food and we were off. To a trail to get to a lovely beach.Arn’t we just so outdoorsy? The trail took about 20 mins.But she doesn’t like walking. I don’t like that she doesn’t like walking. She is heavy.She didn’t like sand on her feet.Couscous, spinach, califlower and someother veggies. yum.Our ‘classic’ smiles.The Hu turned 5 while we were there. She got presents and then we packed up and went to our next beach of the day.It was so windy we could barely walk. But it was so pretty.I was so jealous. What a dream!We couldn’t sit on the beach because it was so windy. So we found a not so pretty but wind sheltered place to ‘set up camp.’ *btw, I don’t think I could do this if there were 3000 people on the beach like there usually are in summertime, but when nobody is around I don’t really care. Otherwise I think I would be too embarassed.Salt beds.Salt mound.Salt.I have never seen such a thing. A twin banana!Well, We just went from one beach to the next. There were a few days where we went to restaurants and didn’t cook, but I had more fun cooking.

To be continued…