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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

Drama in the Sächsische Schweiz!

We had another 12 day work stretch. (That is what happens when Sam works through a weekend and doesn’t stop till the next weekend) Those are the killers. I am now aquiring wisdom and am going to have to do something smart to relieve the work load during those long work spurts. At the end of the 12 day stretch, Sam and I were over and out. We needed refreshment and I needed to get out of the house! So, we spontaneously decided to go to the Elbsandgebirge also known as the Sächsische Schweiz or, in English, Saxony’s Switzerland. (one of my favorite places to go)

We went a very easy route that the kids could do and being that we were both fizzeled and fried we didn’t make too much effort to keep our kids close. Which was dumb. We have one kid who is very self reliant and actually quite skilled when it somes to her own body cordination; that would be the Hu. Our other kid, CurlyQ, feels safest when we are in sight, which makes our lives a little less difficult. Our other kid, Preciousbabe, is too little and gets strapped to my back whether she likes it or not. (It is tough being little.)

So here we go: the begining of the Teufelschlücht.“Hey girls, can you turn around and stop for a picture!!” The Hu runs as fast as she can in the other direction and CurlyQ turns and gives me a good teethy Americana.It led into a really fun cave and steps and another cave and steps and steps and more steps and slimmy mud and oh it was perfect.This is me showing off my nice A§$. Not really, but looks like it doesn’t it. HA!She was allowed out of her pouch for a short time. Then we came to some dangerous stairs and she, very much against her will, was stuffed back into the carrier. Poor thing.So, this is where it got hairy. I was thinking to myself, hum, I should tell Hu not to go too far cause this looks kinda tricky. But she was off before I could blink my eye (she was having a wonderful time) and then… I heard an earth shattering panic scream.

!!!!At that point I yelled at Samuel to run, which he was already doing and I starting calling out to Jesus and his angels. All I could think was blood, broken bones or a child hanging from a cliff.

Until I came to the scene where IT happened. Some people had heard her scream and also came running. So there was a little crowd around her.

It turned out that she was RUNNING down the stairs and had slipped and fallen into that little pond that you see to the left of Samuel. She told us later that she rolled down the side, “like a marble” and landed on her back in the water…on the side. I think she then was so shocked that she didn’t know how to get back up and walked through the ice cold pond and then climbed up the bank onto the path, which is when Sam found her.You have to tilt your head a little. She fell at the railing there.There she is explaining, through tears, to her Papa what had happenedPoor, poor little girl.Of course, I was singing Hallelujah! First of all, there was no blood, no guts, no hanging, no broken bones! Second of all, I think she (and we as parents….) learned a very valuable lesson.

Sam said quietly later, “So, Joce, I decided I am going to lead the way next time.” “oh,” I also said quietly, “I think that is a very smart idea.”

We then had to guide a shivering shaking little lump of humility back to our parked stroller, peel off some layers of her sisters, peel off the wet clothes from the Hu, and then redistribute extra clothes we had to cover our poor wet little baby.Then we took a break.Of course our day wasn’t spoiled and now that Hu couldn’t run around and had to stay in the stroller, I suddenly became a very relaxed and easygoing person. Here we are in Wehlen. (like I said, I was tired)I like this. Psalm 26:8

Lord, I love the house where you live,
    the place where your glory dwells.We decided to sit in the grass and eat the last of our sandwiches and chocolate and Preciousbabe was free to roam as she pleased.This is a reflection of her German side:and her American side:Yes, we like to smile and, Praise God, we have a reason to smile too. If you ever want to go for a walk in the Sächs. Schweiz, give us a ring.

I am wondering…

Fall is here and it is brrr cold. As I was talking last night to some friends about the environment I became more aware of how different the weather has been since I first got here. We had a really short but oddly warm summer this year, then September came and it turned into autumn weather really fast. It seems to me that the weather is getting a touch wierder. I wonder what our God in Heaven thinks about it and what plan he has to for this earth. Some people really think God must not care or he is too far away to really do anything and if he did care why is there so much pain in the earth etc…but I am convinced through my life and the things he has very obviously done for me that he does care and he is near. So, I wonder… what does he think about global warming and about our lifestyles now… what are his solutions… who on this earth will know them and do them and bring his beautifully inspired change…

I needed something different last week, so I decided to experiment and took the girls to an art museum. I wanted to see if it would be interesting to them and you know what… it was…for a time. The pictures were stories and the more detail and effort put into the picture, or sculpture, the more interesting it was. We played a little game: try and find the painting with animals in it. Then we asked eachother questions like: what do you think this painting is about? What are they doing there and why? The Hu and CurlyQ liked it until we got to the more contemporary paintings and then it became very uninteresting to them. You know, I really like art, but I really think people are pushing the envelope with their interpretation of it. Makes you wonder…

*When going to an art museum with children be prepared for hovering eyes. The ‘security guards’ (i have no idea what they are called- the people who stand in the rooms making sure people follow the rules) were very aware of our presence. Which was actually alright, just kind of puts an extra pressure to keep the kids orderly.

Then we tried to fly a kite. It was fun. and really. funny. to watch the Hu run her heart out to keep it in the air. She ran and ran and ran and ran so far. Then we had to run and run and run to go get her.The Hu took this picture.and this one.CurlyQ took this one.and this one.Today is Germany’s Reunification Day! (Tag der Deutsche Einheit) A very special day in the history of this nation. I am grateful to celebrate this day. With that said: Happy German Reunification Day!!!

October 7, 2013 - 9:15 am

Danie - What a wonderful experience for your little girls! Taking them to a place rich in created beauty to “get them thinking”. I like your style Ms Winterman.

I’m still here!!!

Alright, that was a little too long of a break, huh? Don’t give up on me…I am still exist and I have not forgotten my dear blog readers. (all 5 of you);)

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks since we last had an update… We were sick, summer left us and I was cleaning my house preparing for some VIP guests. That type of cleaning wasn’t really cleaning. It was more along the lines of finally finishing projects that had been laying for oh too long. That was what I did the last 2 weeks. Oh, and I kept us all feed, bathed, dressed, rested etc. *sigh*

Let me go back a few weeks when the sun still existed. Here we are:Then, Sam and I got to celebrate the day we said, “Ja, Ich will, mit Gottes Hilfe.” He took me out to a very fancy restaurant where we sat together for 3 whole hours while being served 4 different courses. I felt like a Princess. He gave me these beautiful flowers (from the flourist who made our wedding flowers. I love them so.)and we were all sick because of a rash weather switch so we did a lot of snuggeling and driving eachother crazy….THEN!!!! I had the wonderful priviledge of having my dearest Grandmother and Grandfather come to visit. They are so very special to me!!! What a lovely treat it was; having someone who loves you so unconditionally and adores your children like they are. We had a wonderful time together.

This is my dear family.Happy Monday!

September 23, 2013 - 4:09 pm

christina - Thanks for the wonderful update!

September 23, 2013 - 4:26 pm

Angela - Jocelyn, How wonderful that your family came to visit! Is that Maga?

September 23, 2013 - 5:31 pm

Caroline - I love these photos!!!! Wish I could have been there and was so happy to be able to Skype with you. Mimi and Bobbo look so cute!

September 23, 2013 - 9:18 pm

Nadia - Loved reading every sentence.

October 7, 2013 - 9:18 am

Danie - Your grandmother is so young and vibrant! You come from good stock Missy!

November 13, 2013 - 11:49 pm

Dana Parkinson - Hi from your Mom!You sure have a beautiful family. xoxox
Hope someday…

I love going to weddings.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of witnessing a very lovely couple get married. I really enjoyed the whole day so much. It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful guests, beautiful place. It all just fit. *Sigh*

Here is a small peek into the day:

September 6, 2013 - 4:49 pm

Christina - Looks lovely! Right out of a different time period

As my Dad would say, “This makes my heart soar like an eagle.”

I never could have imagined what it would be like to be on ‘this side’ of the bleachers. Now I know. I am the over excited mom, waving madly at her kids, watching every little move with delight.

This is a monumental moment for me. I spent most of my childhood covered in chalk, constantly wishing I could get rid of my soar muscles. I was the girl that everyone asked to ‘do that flipthing.’ Now, I see the same sparkle in The Hu’s eyes. So, we enrolled the girls in gymnastics. CurlyQ thinks it is fun but she has a hard time keeping up. The Hu is in heaven.