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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

Summer has my heart.

I woke up one morning and decided to shake up the routine and do something crazy. So, this is how it started:Breakfast:busride, hospital visit, see their papa at his work and then we planted ourselves here. it was 12 pm and technically time to get ready for naptime…but… somedays you just have to do what you have to do.she is painting. it was an apple tree, she said.After we had a good time swimming we walked into the Neustadt, bought a birthday present for a friend and went to get some refreshments. the girls were bobbing like parakets to the background techno – the whole time. I was glad to leave. it was like having lunch with monkeys. oh wait, it is always like that… only this time it was reenforced with trendy techno. Results of a fun day.I took these pictures today. We were playing.and last but not least…i finally did it. it’s done. not professional but DONE. which is worth a lot in my boat! i feel so-so about the results. but my husband encourages me with the fact that i really had no idea what i was doing and being that the case: this is pretty stinkin awesome. That’s what he said. I had a little help from Expert Village on Youtube. BUt i made a lot of realllllly stupid measuring mistakes which forced some creative thinking. it was a lesson learned. and now my couch is no longer a source of shame. phew.

Before (with one pillow already done):After:oh, and by the way, i am going to paris in two days. chah. more on that to come. !!! (it is a true story)

sweet (and sour) girls

I made a decision to take more pictures of the other side of the story. Not just the smiles and cute faces but the nasty little tantrums too. There are plenty of those happening around here. It may not look like it, but CurlyQ is being a little pill right here. Although, she still is cute…Kids can be so sweet sometimes.I hope you have a wonderful day!:)

July 24, 2013 - 10:09 pm

Teri - What a brilliant idea. Girls will be girls … sugar & spice… thanks for sharing the other side of your life. Reality is so pure.

Is it seriously Friday already!?

I don’t know how that just happened but the week went by and it is Friday and somehow I was somewhere else. I was probably in dreamland mentally escaping the drudgery of my daily task. Do you also find yourself doing that? Dreaming and not actually being where you are at that moment? It is a dangerous coping mechanism. Last week was the 11-work-days-in-a-row week and usually by the end stretch I am pulling every trick in my bag to get through the days. Dreaming is one of them. Going to the zoo is another.

But I had some perks in the middle of the drudge. A big fatty package from home and letter in the mail from a friend! Thank you Dad and Claudia for the love and joy you sent our way.:)Thanks Ang for the mailed letter.:)

I asked the girls if they would pose in their new jamies. They are usually really reluctant to pose for a picture… (which I kind of like because they are not trained to take ‘pose-y’ pictures) but this time they had a few ideas of their own.

First: “Let’s stand here like this.” “Okay that sounds great. ““Now everyone go like this.”“Now everyone come over here and lay here like me.”Notice how well Preciousbabe follows directions. I like where she  decided to planted herself.” Don’t touch me!”This was the next idea.After that they all started their own acrobatic session. And then the posing grace was won over by the desire to play.“Look” She says it everytime I put the camera to my eye. (She wants me to show her the pic before I even have time to take the picture! Silly head.)

Happy Friday y’all!


I forgot to share this picture. It was taken awhile ago…when it was kind of rainy and cold outside. She had fallen in a puddle. This is how she came home to me. A nice little dirty cuteness.This is the Hu’s rendering of her sister CurlyQ – with a written note on the side. I forgot what she said she wrote. Sometime important of course. I think it was her name.The project is underway. More pics to come on this one.This was a weekend picnic.Ikea cookies = this letter ö.    love it!Do you see the girls in the background? the were in awe of CurlyQ’s ringlets and said, ‘ahhhh look at her curls!’ CurlyQ responded to her papa with a very stern frown, ‘I DON’T HAVE CURLS!’Have a happy weekend. Go sit in the grass and have a long picnic. It is worth it.

so happy together

Me and you and you and me
No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy together

The Turtles

(They were eating at the breakfast table and then decided to show their Papa how sweet he is. So I had them freeze grabbed ‘the Fotoapparat’ und snapped away. )

family portrait attempt #536