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    Hello, This is merely an account of my life with three Littles and a fabulous husband. I made it with the hopes to stay connected to my dear loved ones that I unfortunately don't get to see everyday. I guess and hope that this will evolve and become something else with time, but for now, it will just be an honest account of how I spend my hours, minutes, days.

Let us continue…

…from where we left off. I am just breaking our time in Spain into chunks because there is very little happening in my life otherwise and the thought of being somewhere sunny is also so nice to think about. So, you are going to get a lot of vacation shots in the next few posts. Sorry!

My family is very generous. They do big presents for big birthdays. I am now living in Germany where ‘big’ isn’t really so..well, it is not something you should expect. A lot of my American consumeristic tendencies are being won over by ‘practicality.’ Which is, okay. So, with that said, for my 30th birthday I decided not to ask for the really nice lense that i am drooling over  would like to have and go for the more reasonable desires: A Camper Cooker! My dear grandmother laughed when I asked for a camper cooker for my 30th birthday! but it is amazing…It is a 3 liter cooker that is actually designed for extreme outdoorists. I am so extreme that I take it on vacation and pack it in MY CAR and drive with it to carry it 300 meters in my super cool backpack so that I can have a nice picnic. I like my style. Or I could interrupt the day and come home for lunchor I could pack sandwiches which no one eats because they are so sick of bread and cheese or I could spend 50-70€ everyday in a restaurant. OR I could get a cooker and pack a meal that tastes good, is healthy, filling and… best of all… cheap! Plus, it is really fun to cook outside with a super techy outdoor cooker. So, in referance with my last post, we had to go to the city to find an outdoor store to buy the gas. You can’t fly with a bottle of propane.

So, we packed our backpack with all our jackets and food and we were off. To a trail to get to a lovely beach.Arn’t we just so outdoorsy? The trail took about 20 mins.But she doesn’t like walking. I don’t like that she doesn’t like walking. She is heavy.She didn’t like sand on her feet.Couscous, spinach, califlower and someother veggies. yum.Our ‘classic’ smiles.The Hu turned 5 while we were there. She got presents and then we packed up and went to our next beach of the day.It was so windy we could barely walk. But it was so pretty.I was so jealous. What a dream!We couldn’t sit on the beach because it was so windy. So we found a not so pretty but wind sheltered place to ‘set up camp.’ *btw, I don’t think I could do this if there were 3000 people on the beach like there usually are in summertime, but when nobody is around I don’t really care. Otherwise I think I would be too embarassed.Salt beds.Salt mound.Salt.I have never seen such a thing. A twin banana!Well, We just went from one beach to the next. There were a few days where we went to restaurants and didn’t cook, but I had more fun cooking.

To be continued…


More on the adventure in Mallorca

Do you also have the dinnertime crazies? Well, Sam and I are usually grateful when dinnertime is over. Here is a little sneak peak of what goes on with our girls during what is supposed to be a peaceful time. It is my goal to teach these girls kindly to enjoy meals together. It is a work in progess. With little progress.

Being on ‘vacation’ kind of brought my desire put up a fight to a standstill. So, I let them fight it out and I watched it too. I even photographed it. But lo and behold, they surprised me. They are so awesome!We stay in a little vacation rental I found on The woman who owned it was so sweet. It was a house with a large yard. The house didn’t have an address or a mailbox. It was off a dirt road and we heard LOTS of birds in the morning, not to mention a rooster. I really liked it there.The first real day we were there we went to the main city, Palma, because we needed to buy some gas for my cooker (I will explain later). The girls LOVED to say ‘Hola’ to everyone passing by. They even made a little friend and she said ‘Hola’ back. That was surprising to them!Conformation Dresses. I want one! Just kidding.I really like the beige one on the right. So sweet.Walking down this strip was really hard for me. There were some really cute shops. *Sigh* it took a little self persuasion that I don’t need anything and that I will be okay not looking and I just need to think of the 4 other people with me who don’t want to be looking at stupid clothes, etc. …whatever…Can you tell who really thinks he’s hot? He was outdone by the musicians. Bummer dude, cause your muscles are buldgey.These guys were really really cool to watch. They outdid the muscle dude.Hot chocolate. You might as well eat a bowl of sugar. But it tasted amazing. It was that really thick wonderfully hot and lovely chocolate. Hum. Sam ate 2 cups of it.We all had a lovely sugar break down in the car. At least we were in the car. ! We didn’t eat it again after that. Although, it was delicious.

Stay tuned till next time…

We went to a beautiful place

This post is ultra late. I was knocked to the floor with a bad flu. It put me back a week not to mention it was also very frustrating and aweful. Being sick and having to function as normal is a reason to feel sorry for yourself.But now I am back and I feel great, so no need to dwell on it! I have been wanted to share some picture from our recent adventure!

so…I recently turned 30 and I was bound and determined to do something special. This is what I chose: 2 weeks with my family somewhere warmer than Germany. We decided to go to Mallorca.  Mallorca (for all you wondering Americans) is an island off of Spain. It is an island that has 2 million vistors a year. I think 80% of those tourists are German. The island is known for loud parties and crazy strips of hotel covered beaches. BUT, it is not only such horrible tourist craziness. I discovered Mallorca is a really charming and lovely place. January and February are the coldest months and everything is closed, but I didn’t care. As long as it was warmer and friendlier and more beachy than Germany, I was fine.

We left very early. We took the tram to the train to the bus to the plane to a rent a car to get to our little place. I liked it. Sam liked it. The girls liked it. Traveling is fun.

This is the tram.

The train.I gave each of them their backpacks full of travel goodies. A few new toys, some small books, pens to draw with, paper and yummy snacks.We finally arrived in Berlin Airport and got to watch the Olympics while we waited. We were already wiped out by this point. The flight to Mallorca is actually really easy and the girls did great. But traveling is traveling, and traveling with small kids is a special experience, so, we were happy to be there. We got to our place pretty late and the next day we went to the grocery store and we went exploring in the town we were staying in; Portocolom.It had been raining a lot last winter which left everything a lovely juicy green.I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see shells and smell salty air. It was healing for my strained soul. Being there was what it was supposed to be: relaxing and soothing. We are so deprived of sand that we found a pitiful spot and enjoyed it to it’s full potiential. The Hu thought it was a great time to build her first sandcastle of the year. This is a sandcastle. Amazing isn’t it?Then they built sandcastles everywhere they could.   The first day was stormy and cold, but we liked it.

Stay tuned there is more to come. This time, I am not planning on getting sick and taking 3 weeks to post. It will come sooner. Thanks for staying interested, dear Bloggie readers.;)

Hail Yea!

Straight out of the camera. Dirty Lense and all.  *sigh* take me back.

February 25, 2014 - 2:53 pm

Danie - It looks like you came to California and didn’t stop in to say hello.

I’m so happy for you!!! It is so beautiful!!

Entertaining and being entertained

There are sometimes when a week goes by and we don’t see very many people other than ourselves. Then there are weeks where they are so packed with people that we barely see ourselves. Sometimes I strategically pack our week with people when I feel like I am living in the neverending-hamster-wheel. But then, sometimes I strategically bunker down because I feel like I am living in the scattered-don’t-get-anything-done-frustration. There are times and seasons for all things. Sometimes Balance is just doesn’t quite accommodate my needs.

I packed last week with people. We had people over, went to people’s houses and had 2 kids birthday parties. It was great. Exhausting but distracting. Distraction is good. When you are on for the long haul, you do what you gotta do! I just am grateful that I am now at a place where there are people that I can pack my days with. I mean, really! Isn’t it wonderful to have people in your life! I like people. A lot.

This is what the kid’s room looks like when friends come over.On a sidenote: She made friends with her dolly. The one she got for her birthday a few posts ago. (She covers herself like this by the way. I just stick her in bed and find her in the cutest positions.)Kid’s party! Ah, If you have nerves of steel and have had about 6 cups of coffee, this place is for you! It is called KuddelDaddelDu. It is a kid’s heaven. Way better then Chucky Cheese.I found a very dangerous Pirate along the way and thought I’d bring ‘em along.Then there was another Pirate.And a beautiful princess.And a very normally exceptionally cute little girl. I brought her too.So, have you ever been somewhere and it is really dark and all your pictures are turning out like this?And then you turn on the flash and it looks like this?I was so fed up I did what I am usually too conservative to do. I jacked up the ISO to 1000. Which still didn’t really do the trick so.. up I 4000! I have never done such a thing because… they turn out like this: Pixely Pooxely Mess of Noise. But I was fed up and chucked my instincts overboard. At least I got rid of the blurry running kid pictures.  That slide is a rocket slide. I went down with Preciousbabe and tried to take pictures and hurt myself cause I tried to break and got burned by frictioned plastic. !I then went down the same rocket slide and Netanya tried to be silly and ‘catch me’. Then I rocketed with my camera right into her teeth. It was a bloody mess. (it wasn’t that bad. Just a little shock and blood. But we were both fine in a matter of time) She even got blood on her pretty dress! I then put my camera away and wiped up the blood. Later, I was bummed I hadn’t taken a quick picture. I mean, why not take a bloody picture!? oh wait, let me answer that: because your kid is in despair and all your are concerned about is getting her sorted out. oh, right.

Then we were home and the next day I found another pirate.

A dangerous one!With a snotty nose.Doesn’t she look comfortable? She drags as many toys junk as possible into her bed. Do your kids do that too? I mean, how do you fall asleep like this!!?? (In case you are wondering…she is in a sleepysack. She likes to have a blanket AND a sleepy sack. Don’t ask. If it means she sleeps, I just nod.)We are going to be gone for the next two weeks. And then, I will have a plethora of beauty to share! I am excited. See you in 3 weeks!!!